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About US

At Limestone, we’re not just imagining a smarter and safer future for Nigerian estates; we’re building it. Think about a Nigeria where every home and neighborhood not only thrive on modern technology but exudes peace and comfort. Yes, that’s the Limestone difference. 

Our story

In 2022, we saw a problem. Nigerian estates, vibrant and full of potential, were struggling. Outdated security systems left residents feeling vulnerable. Bill payments were a headache. Communication between residents and management was strained. Something had to change. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. In 2023, Limestone was born. We weren’t outsiders looking in. We were part of these communities, experiencing the frustrations firsthand. We knew technology could offer solutions, but it had to be designed with the Nigerian experience in mind. So, we built it. 

Our Mission

Innovating the Future of Real Estate, Home Ownership,
and Community Management.

Our goal is simple – aim for the very center of what’s possible, which is to redefine the future of real estate, home ownership, and community management. Through cutting age technology, we’re changing how Nigerians live in their homes and communities by fostering safer & easier to manage estates. Every Nigerian deserves to experience the peace of mind that comes with living in a modern, connected community. 

Our Vision

Secure Home and Neighborhood for Everyone, Everywhere in Nigeria.

Limestone envisions a future where managing and living in a Nigerian estate is effortless and empowering. We believe in transforming the real estate industry by replacing outdated, often cumbersome methods with innovative, user-friendly solutions. Our platform streamlines every aspect of estate and community management, creating a seamless, enjoyable experience for residents and managers alike. 

Limestone Vision

Meet our Team

The innovative minds dedicated to making estate and
community management effortless.  

Aneke Ifeanyi: CEO

Over 15 years in tech, has worked at Microsoft and built innovative IT solutions globally. He’s a Microsoft Certified Professional and IVLP alumnus.

Amaka Ezekwesili:

 Experienced Operations and Cost Management Expert, specializes in diverse industries, prioritizing quality services within expected timelines.

Temitope S A: Product manager

1x Founder, Urban Planning Background.

Azeez Adeokin: Head of Sales and Marketing

 Has over 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, Business Development, and Clients Service. Before joining Limestone, he worked with different reputable organizations in various capacities.

Kenneth Adewumi Ayomide: Business Alliance Manager

Experienced B2C/B2B product marketer managing a sales team and developing go-to-market strategies.

Mabel Itepu Ofure: Sales.

Experienced with a proven track record in sales, dedicated to driving business growth and ensuring customer satisfaction through personalized solutions.

Your one-stop solution for seamless estate & community management. 

Simplify your operations, strengthen your community. Take the first step towards effortless estate management. 

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