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For Estate, Facility, and Community Managers

Embrace the future of estate management with Limestone. Our app simplifies the complexities of managing your estate, making your tasks more efficient and manageable.

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NDPR Compliant App Suite

Limestone seamlessly integrates advanced technology with real
estate management in a NDPR-compliant app suite. Our app ensures
the safe handling of personal data in line with global standards,
fostering trust and transparency. From efficient security management
to streamlined bill collection and accurate tenant information
tracking, Limestone provides a reliable, secure platform for estate

Ease of Use

Our platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind, facilitating an efficient and effortless management process.


Centralized Control

Limestone provides a comprehensive platform for estate
management. From monitoring entries and exits, coordinating mini-
estates, to managing amenities – all these functions can be controlled
from a single app. Prioritizing privacy and security, our solutions take
the weight off your shoulders while ensuring utmost confidence in
your estate\’s operations.


Know Your Tenants

Limestone empowers estate managers to effortlessly gather and access comprehensive tenant data. Our system allows for detailed categorization based on streets, areas, and clusters, offering a holistic view of your community. With this understanding, managers can enhance communication, improve engagement, and foster a more harmonious living environment.


Manage Groups

Limestone facilitates the effective dissemination of information to specific groups, enhancing communication efficiency. This feature allows estate managers to craft customized communication strategies, fostering a stronger community.


Audit Logs

With Limestone\’s audit tracking, stay informed about changes and updates in your community. This feature provides visibility on data access and modification, assuring you of your Limestone account\’s security and accuracy.

Dues and Bills

Limestone simplifies bill collection for utility companies, landlords, and estate managers. It supports reminders, direct payments, and automatic deductions for recurring bills. Plus, with our customization modules, you can adapt the app to your needs, including modifying electricity tariffs.

Our Dashboard

Our dashboard offers extensive analytics on estate activities within Limestone, from visitor reports to occupancy rates in commercial and residential buildings. With this tool, estate managers can make informed, data-driven decisions.

Payment Tracking

Limestone\’s payment tracker simplifies tracking and debt management for community managers. It supports automatic and manual debtor restrictions and reminders, ensuring prompt payments. At Limestone, we prioritize financial accountability and transparency, making finance management a breeze.

Panic Button

Designed to enhance community safety, this innovative feature leverages GPS technology to provide guidance in unfamiliar surroundings, promoting a sense of security among users. Our intuitive dashboard allows you to tailor the panic alert settings, including the choice location map ensures prompt assistance in emergency situations.

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