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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Limestone software?

Limestone Software is a property and community management software designed to streamline various aspects of community living, including security, finance, communication, and utility management.

How can I access Limestone Software?

You can access Limestone Software through web browsers or you can download the mobile app on your app store.

Is Limestone Software suitable for both residential and commercial properties?

Yes, Limestone Software is versatile and can be tailored to meet the needs of both residential communities and commercial properties.

Can I use Limestone Software on my mobile device?

Yes, Limestone Software offers a mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android devices, providing on-the-go access to essential features.


What security features does Limestone Software offer?

Limestone Software provides security features such as panic alerts, gate pass management, and communication tools to enhance the safety and security of the community.

How can I pay my dues using Limestone Software?

You can conveniently pay your dues through the Finances feature on Limestone app, which allows for secure online transactions and easy tracking of your financial obligations.

How does the Panic feature work in real emergencies?

In case of emergencies, users can activate the Panic feature, which triggers an immediate alert to security personnel and circle of relatives and allows real-time tracking through live maps.

Can I schedule deliveries using the Gate Pass feature?

Yes, the Gate Pass feature in Limestone app allows residents to pre-authorize and schedule deliveries, ensuring a smooth and secure entry process.

How can I form committees or groups for specific purposes using the Messaging feature?

With the Messaging feature, users can easily create committees or groups, add members by house or street, and communicate efficiently for focused community initiatives.

Is my financial information secure on Limestone Software?

Yes, Limestone app prioritizes the security of user data. Advanced encryption protocols and secure servers are employed to ensure the confidentiality of financial information.

How does the Gate Pass feature contribute to security?

The Gate Pass feature enhances security by regulating entry, allowing residents to authorize visitors, vendors, and scheduled deliveries, ensuring that only authorized personnel access the community.

How do I receive notifications for overdue payments using the Dues feature?

The Dues feature in Limestone app can be set to send automated reminders, ensuring that residents receive notifications for overdue payments and can promptly fulfill their financial obligations.

Can community leaders generate reports on security incidents using Limestone Software?

Yes, the Reporting feature allows community leaders to generate security incident logs, providing valuable data for analyzing trends and enhancing security measures within the community.

Is Limestone Software compatible with different community sizes?

Yes, Limestone Software is scalable and can be adapted to communities of various sizes, from small residential complexes to large commercial estates.

Can I access Limestone Software from anywhere in the world?

Yes, if you have an internet connection, you can access Limestone Software from anywhere globally through the web browser or mobile app.

Does Limestone Software offer customer support for technical issues?

Yes, Limestone Software provides customer support for technical issues. Users can access help resources within the software or contact the support team for assistance.

Is training provided for community leaders and residents on using Limestone Software?

Yes, Limestone Software offers training sessions and resources to community leaders and residents to ensure a smooth onboarding process and effective utilization of the software.

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