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Energizing Estates and Communities in Nigeria: 

Empowering Your Community With Sustainable Energy Solutions


Held On: August 10, 2023. 

Time: 11:00am


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Held On

August 10, 2023



About the Event

Limestone\’s groundbreaking webinar, hosted on August 10, 2023, was not just an event but a milestone that marked a significant stride towards energizing estates and communities in Nigeria.

Guided by industry experts, the event was an enlightening exploration into the future of energy management.

Raymond Abu of Rensource Energy dissected the future of power generation, focusing on renewable energy solutions like solar and sustainable growth paths for Nigeria\’s real estate sector.

Marcus Ademola of MEMMCOL unveiled insights into advanced metering technology, offering new perspectives on tracking energy usage and enhancing efficiency. 

Ifeanyi Aneke, Limestone\’s CEO, tied it all together with an inspiring presentation on Limestone\’s cutting-edge solutions for renewable energy management. 

An Interactive Panel Discussion allowed attendees to engage directly with the experts, contributing to a dynamic and stimulating dialogue. 

Missed the live event? You can still be part of Nigeria\’s sustainable energy movement. Catch the full recap blog here and explore the innovative ideas and solutions that were at the forefront of this pivotal gathering.




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