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Traveling within Nigeria? Stay Safe and Connected with StoneCircle.

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Traveling within Nigeria can come with its own set of uncertainties. Your safety during transit shouldn\’t be one of them. With StoneCircle, experience enhanced safety measures, ensuring that you and your loved ones remain connected and protected throughout your journey.

Key Benefits:

1. Real-Time Emergency Alerts: Just a tap, and your circle knows your distress. Whether it\’s a vehicle breakdown or any other emergency, your loved ones are informed immediately.

2. Connect with Trusted Contacts: Pre-set your circle of trusted friends and family. In moments of need, they\’ll be the first to know and act.

3. Geo-Location Capabilities: In the vast landscapes of Nigeria, exact locations can make all the difference. StoneCircle ensures that your circle knows your precise location during emergencies.

Traveling in Nigeria should be about the thrill of new destinations, not the worries of \’what if\’.  Let StoneCircle be your trusted travel companion. With our official launch on October 24th, 2023, at 11 AM (WAT), make sure you\’re among the first to embark on safer journeys. 

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