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Limestone holds Landmark Webinar: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future

On Thursday, August 10, at 11 AM West African Time, a new chapter in the Nigerian real estate and energy management sectors was ushered in. With attendees from diverse professional backgrounds, an electric atmosphere filled the virtual space, all united by one common goal: efficient power generation and utility bill management. 

Hosted by Limestone Technology Services, with co-hosting support from Rensource Energy and Momas Electricity Meters Manufacturing Company Limited (MEMMCOL), the webinar, themed \”Energizing Estates and Communities in Nigeria: Efficient Power Generation & Utility Bill Management,\” wasn\’t just another online meeting. It was a revelation. It was an opportunity to align the minds of industry leaders, real estate gurus, and facility managers towards a future where sustainable energy isn\’t just a concept but a lived reality. 

Moderated by the charismatic Amaka Ezekwesili, Limestone’s Program Coordinator, the event began with great anticipation. It was a gathering of some of Nigeria\’s brightest minds, all focused on solving the challenges of energy management in the growing real estate sector. In this recap, we\’ll explore the engaging discussions, innovative ideas, and practical solutions that were shared during this important webinar. 

Welcome & Opening Remarks  

The session began with a warm welcome from Amaka Ezekwesili, who acknowledged the attendees and expressed gratitude to the co-hosts. Following her introduction, the CEO of Limestone Technology Services, Mr. Ifeanyi Aneke, took the virtual stage. In his opening remarks, Mr. Aneke highlighted the significance of sustainable energy management within the rapidly growing real estate sector in Nigeria. He emphasized the potential impact that innovative solutions could have on economic growth and community development. With the audience\’s attention firmly captured, the stage was set for an enlightening discourse from industry experts. 


The Future of Power Generation: Innovations for Estate Development 

Mr. Raymond Abu, representing Rensource Energy, delved into a future-facing discussion on power generation. He emphasized that the future of estate development in Nigeria hinges on adopting innovative solutions. By exploring various types of renewable energies, installation processes, and even pricing strategies, Abu painted a vivid picture of how estates could evolve in response to the energy challenges. He suggested that embracing these innovations was not just a matter of environmental stewardship but also a practical and economic necessity for modern estate management. 

Leveraging Advanced Metering Technology for Efficient Energy Management 

MEMMCOL\’s seasoned expert Mr. Marcus Ademola followed with a comprehensive presentation on advanced metering technology. He detailed the causes and solutions of various metering challenges, underscoring the importance of technology in driving energy efficiency. He also provided insights into MEMMCOL\’s approach, showcasing how innovation in metering technology could directly contribute to more efficient energy management in residential estates. Mr. Ademola highlighted how proper utilization of these technologies could lead to more accurate billing and enhanced control over energy consumption. 

Limestone\’s Innovative Solution 

Limestone\’s solution was the centerpiece of the event, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to energy management. Mr Aneke, the CEO of Limestone, passionately detailed how the application could seamlessly integrate renewable energy solutions into facilities and estates and transform energy consumption patterns within these estates, making energy management more accessible and efficient. 

“With Limestone, we\’re empowering communities to take control of their energy. Through smart integration with renewable solutions and digital metering, we\’re shaping a sustainable future for estate living in Nigeria.”

Ifeanyi Aneke, CEO, Limestone.
Introducing Limestone

Mr Aneke emphasized that this technology provides the umbrella tool needed to address the unique challenges and opportunities that exist within Nigeria’s estate management landscape, and the partnership with metering and energy companies represents a groundbreaking step toward a more sustainable future in the real estate sector.  

Interactive Panel Discussion 

The webinar culminated in an engaging interactive panel discussion that allowed attendees to ask questions and gain deeper insights into the subjects discussed. The panel was comprised of Mr. Abu of Rensource Energy, Mr. Ademola of MEMMCOL, and Mr. Aneke of Limestone. Their combined knowledge created a lively and informative conversation. They tackled key issues, such as the practicality of renewable energy, the complexities of metering technology, and how these can integrate into modern estate management. The variety of questions from attendees reflected the diversity of interests, from the technical intricacies of metering to the environmental considerations of power generation, and of course the burgeoning fit of technology that ties them all together.  

An insightful panel session

Thank You for Gracing Our Maiden Webinar! 

The Limestone\’s maiden groundbreaking webinar was of course an unparalleled success, highlighting the vital role that technology, innovation, and collaboration will play in shaping the future of estate development in Nigeria. It brought together industry leaders and professionals from various fields, including real estate, finance, and engineering, who not only learned but also contributed to the conversation on sustainable development.

The attendees left with a broader understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the energy sector and a clear call to action to be part of the solution. The insights from Limestone, Rensource, and MEMMCOL have set a new standard in the discourse around energy management, offering a blueprint for future collaboration and innovation.

As part of our commitment to education and professional growth in real estate and technological innovations, all attendees are encouraged to fill in the Certificate of Participation form to receive a personalized certificate. This certificate symbolizes your dedication to enhancing energy efficiency and provides a tangible acknowledgment of the skills and insights gained during the webinar.

A heartfelt thank you to all participants, and we encourage you to watch the recap and download the Limestone app to continue being part of this exciting journey toward a more sustainable Nigeria. 

2 thoughts on “Limestone holds Landmark Webinar: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future”

  1. Well coordinated programme The aspect that was missing is how to to obtain data and utilise and deploy such to facilitate energy / electricity load demand for a particular estate(s). Our approach to energising real estates should be data driven. The question is how do we obtain such data. What modalities should be adopted to have a seamless approach in obtaining the required data for planning, implementation and execution of the energisatoon of estates and/or communities. A thought for the next webinar for the attainment of not only a sustainable power supply but also incremental in energy generation and supply.

    Best Regards,

    Lateef OLALEYE

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Lateef. You’ve raised some very valid points, and we’ll definitely keep these in mind for our subsequent webinars. Once again, thank you.

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