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Don’t Be Silent: Why Panic Alerts Are Essential for Nigerian Estates 

Living in a secure estate is a priority for many Nigerians. But even the most secure communities can face unforeseen situations. In these critical moments, residents need a way to quickly and discreetly alert security personnel. This is where panic alerts come in – a crucial feature offered by Proptech solutions like Limestone. 

Imagine this: 
  • You hear a suspicious noise outside your window late at night. 
  • You’re unsure if it’s a harmless wind or a potential threat. 
  • Fumbling for your phone, you dial security, hoping they answer quickly. 

Precious time is wasted, and the element of surprise can be lost. 

Now, consider this scenario: 
  • You hear the same noise, but you have the Limestone app on your phone. 
  • With a discreet swipe, you activate the panic alert feature. 
  • The app automatically sends your location and a silent notification to security personnel. 

The benefits are clear: 

  • Faster Response Time: Panic alerts notify security personnel immediately, bypassing phone calls and lengthy explanations. 
  • Enhanced Security: The discrete nature of the alert allows residents to remain undetected while summoning help. 
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing you have a quick way to alert security provides invaluable peace of mind, especially for residents living alone or with young children. 
  • Resident Communication Platform: Share real-time security updates and foster a sense of community preparedness. 
Investing in Your Estate’s Security: A Collective Responsibility 

Security should not be an afterthought. Implementing innovative Proptech solutions like Limestone’s panic alert system demonstrates a commitment to resident safety. By working together, residents and estate managers can create a more secure and tranquil living environment for everyone. 

Don’t wait for a crisis to strike. Equip your estate with the tools for immediate response. Contact Limestone today and learn how our Proptech solutions can transform your estate’s security. 

Click the video below to see the panic alert in action for a true-life scenario.

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